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48 hour trial access
to explore our members portal


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48 hours free access.
Then £360 per year for two years.

This promotion is only available to the next 200 members.
Thereafter, our standard fee of £1200 applies. 

48 Hour Free Access Trial



Every year

You can cancel anytime.

Valid for 2 years
+ 2 day free trial

Monthly online events

In person events

Access to job board

Access to content

Access to archived event and content library

Access to executive coaches at preferential rates*

Participate in pro bono activites to support charities

Access to participate in annual challenge trip*

Access to join virtual board room* - to launch 2023

Podcast - to launch later in 2023

*additional costs

What to do once you've signed up to the offer and activated your 48 hour access? 

Explore our members portal for 48 hours. If you do not cancel within this time, you become automatically a VOCASO member! You will be charged £360 for the first year of membership instead of our standard fee of £1200. Your account will auto-renew for the second year again at the promotional rate. You can cancel your subscription at any time 30 days in advance of your annual membership fee renewal date. We'd love for you to stay a member beyond the 2 year offer at which time our standard membership fee would apply.

If you do not want to continue your trial beyond the free access, you just need to cancel this subscription within 48 hours. Super easy with click of a button in your dashboard. You will then not be charged.

Any questions at all, just get in touch at

Your VOCASO team

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