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About us

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Our diverse roots ground us

VOCASO provides incredibly talented and diverse senior leaders with the toolkit to become Board Advisors. Traditionally, opportunities are limited and the system is broken. Our ecosystem creates tangible results and avoids relying on chance meetings and ‘nod and a wink’ introductions.

Our mission

We are on a mission to create and transform portfolio careers for members whilst meaningfully impacting the  companies and economy of tomorrow. From Executive to Non-Executive, we support the transition, open doors and connect. Our ethos is rooted in a passion to share, connect and collaborate to benefit our future economy.

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The solution we bring

Our CEO and founder David Goldstone on his motivation for creating VOCASO.

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Our values

A unique approach to igniting portfolio careers

VOCASO is a people-first community of inspiring leaders keen to make a difference through board advisory or Non-Executive Director roles. We enrich our members with valuable content, events and development, connecting them with ambitious businesses who would relish the opportunity to work alongside experts to support their acceleration and transformation.

The VOCASO badge

Elevate and enhance your profile. As a member of our community you can add the badge to your LinkedIn profile. 

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