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Fee Free connection to a  community of deployable talent, excited to impart their wisdom on your business

Are you an ambitious growth business?


You're a scale-up company that is on a high-growth trajectory? Maybe your vision is to become a unicorn one day? 

Would you benefit from board advisory support from an individual who has been where you are? Would you like to work with a business executive who is excited to share deeply relevant insight and goes beyond traditional day to day governance.

You are keen to be connected to a pool of deployable talent to gain wisdom on how to drive your business acceleration plans forward?

You would relish the opportunity to have fee free access to hire a  board advisor/NED/mentor/consultant/subject matter expert?


Somebody who can open doors, challenge your thinking and connect you with the right people.

It's time to meet VOCASO!

Connect Event - You are invited
Connect Event - You are invited
29 Nov, 18:00 GMT
1 London Bridge
VOCASO Connect Event - London
VOCASO Connect Event - London
28 Sept, 18:00 BST
1 London Bridge

Fee free access to community of deployable board talent

Igniting growth companies with the fuel they need to scale up.

Igniting success within growth companies.

VOCASO is a community of inspiring leaders keen to make a difference by imparting their wisdom within specific growth companies and ready to take on a Board Advisory or Non-Executive-Director role.


We connect our members with ambitious growing businesses like yours that would relish the opportunity to take hard-earned expertise to fuel acceleration and transformation in return for a board position. 

Image by Robin Schreiner

Want to learn more about our community members?

What does a typical community member look like?

Keen to get a sneak peek of what to expect?


How did we connect a series A funded growth company with an aspiring NED?

How did find the ideal board advisor for a team of scientists and clinicians? 

Our community members bring a wealth of experience. Some of the companies our members currently work for are listed below

"We believe ambitious companies need ambitious boards."

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