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The Resilience Board Member.

Special host and guest speaker masterclass - Friday 13th Sept 12pm GMT

  • 45 min

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LIVE webinar: Friday, 13th September 2024 12pm GMT (London) 45 minutes - Grab lunch and listen in Resilience is crucial, with World Economic Forum noting resilience failures cost 1%-5% of GDP growth globally. Businesses face multiple crises and need effective strategies. The webinar "Resilience In Business & Navigating Uncertainty – Introducing The Resilience Board Member" curated with Peter Jones , Kelly Culver and The Trusted Network for VOCASO, emphasises the board's role and the importance of a Resilience Board Director. It addresses principles of resilience, crisis recovery frameworks, and future strategies. Instead of short-sighted, a long-term approach is required, which is where the Board and Non-Exec Directors excel. Key takeaways you will get out of webinar. - Understanding and articulating resilience for your organisation - Moving beyond short-term resilience strategies - Recognising that building resilience is an ongoing process - Ensuring sustainability through the board’s resilience strategy - The importance of having a dedicated Resilience Non-Exec Director WEBINAR HOSTS & GUEST SPEAKERS KELLY CULVER - CEO of The Culver Group, Founder, Chair, TEDx Speaker, Board Member, Author, Co-Host of Resiliency The Podcast. Dr Kelly Culver is a seasoned global leader with 34 years of experience as a founder, director, entrepreneur, Board member, author, and TEDx speaker. Renowned for empowering CEOs and global leaders to develop resilience, navigate changing business landscapes, and create innovative solutions to global challenges, Kelly holds a unique PhD in strategic resilience. In a world where disruption is the norm, she’s led teams in providing solutions that help nations and businesses harness resilience as a strategic tool, paving dynamic pathways for growth and innovation. PETER JONES - CEO/Founder Trusted Network, Advisor, Strategy Director. Passionate about technology and business, Peter has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, marketer and expert in the digital technology sector. As an investor he supports entrepreneurs in building resilient and sustainable businesses. He founded Trusted Network, a community of investors, C-Suite executives and thought leaders to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and investment and business opportunities to support entrepreneurs. Webinar sponsored by executive search partner Goldstone Associates View privacy policy here

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