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Are you an aspiring Board Advisor? Your story.

You are a high achiever, an expert and senior leader in your field, however you have not yet held a Non-Executive role. You seek more than fiduciary duties.


Aspiring to share your expertise, leadership qualities and wisdom, you will make an impact by contributing to growing businesses poised for success.


Meet VOCASO, the mentorship-focused approach to advisory roles. 

Growth businesses would relish the opportunity to learn from you.

Kick-start your NED career

Move towards your portfolio lifestyle.

Get in touch. Schedule a 15-minute call with us to discuss your NED journey.

What you get and benefit from as a community member

Modern Work Space

to kick-start your board career

We make the small print BIG

Our membership fee covers the provision of a range of services which will help develop your suitability to take on Board Advisory/Non-Executive Director roles. Some services have an additional cost attached. No part of the fee is related to securing you a position although a significant part of our offering is about connecting members with growth organisations. 

Success stories

How did we connect a series A funded growth company with an aspiring Non-Executive Director?

How did we find the ideal Board Advisor for a team of scientists and clinicians? 

Image by Drew Beamer

Selection of companies our members work for.

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£20 incl VAT for non-members.

No charge for members of VOCASO via "online events" on their members portal.

Want to learn more about our growth companies?

What do we look for in a member?

What our members get and benefit from?

Thought Leadership to fuel your day with wisdom.

"If I have seen further than others,
it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."


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