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What makes a great company director?

by Dan Byrne

credit for this article goes to Corporate Governance Institute

A great company director embodies many qualities, chief among them they have an internal fire that drives them to help their organisation thrive. Company director training, on the other hand, is about preparing directors for life in the boardroom.


A director’s role is to guide an organisation, using their skills and experience. However, you don’t want to enter a boardroom and be unaware of your duties and responsibilities. Becoming a great director requires proper training. Training sets you apart from your peers and will help you realise your full potential as a business leader.

The signs of a great director

Good directors will always answer ‘yes’ to these questions:

  • Was my knowledge enough that I could perform at my best from day one?

  • Did I make a positive, unique impact on my organisation?

  • Was I a significant addition to the team?

Your next career move

Many see becoming a company director as the next step in a business career, and they’re right.

Directorships open the door to achievement at the top level of business – feats that other roles cannot match, not to mention the vast potential for developing skill sets.

The traits of a great director

  • They have the essential training

  • They have the right experience

  • They have the correct mindset

As a director, you should have these qualities in place as soon as you join the board.

Company director training: the missing link

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F Kennedy

The main issue with directors today is that most take on the role without formal training in corporate governance.

Many will assume that their experience alone is more than enough to carry them through.

This is partially true; experience is crucial, but there is far more to it.

Like any other career path, company director training provides that essential launch pad, giving you the independent, career-driven mindset that investors called for when they selected you.

Learning the key elements of corporate governance with proper company director training means you will focus on what’s important.

In short, you will have an unmatched level of control over your surroundings, filling you with the conviction you need to do your job.

In summary

As a director, the measure of your success is all about the impact you make. Are you there to fill a seat, or are you there to bring a distinct voice of leadership to your business?

Making the most significant impact means being as prepared. Have you considered company director training? Why not take our free trial to explore your potential as an effective, in-demand company director.

Author: by Dan Byrne from Corporate Governance Institute


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