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What are the annual fees?

For members who join the community, an annual membership fee applies. Pricing is subject to change and the current annual introductory launch offer is available for a limited time for early adopters. Please see below. 

Some of the services we provide come at an additional cost these include formal training courses, executive coaching and challenge trips.


annual introductory launch offer
£360 including VAT

For early adopters and for a limited time we are offering a significantly reduced annual fee as we continue to build our services.


fee-free connections to relevant community members

What your membership includes

*additional charges apply

We make the small print BIG

Our membership fee covers the provision of a range of services which will help develop your suitability to take on Board Advisory/Non-Executive Director roles. Some services have an additional cost attached. No part of the fee is related to securing you a position although a significant part of our offering is about connecting members with growth organisations. 

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