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Sustainable fashion brand

This unique and edgy brand is unique for many reasons – not least that it's breaking the stigma of neurodivergence and at the same time embracing community and sustainability.


The business has just opened its first retail outlet in Soho, London and has developed collaborations with some of the leading UK fashion private collections.


The relentless fashion designer founder would welcome the opportunity to connect with any community members who have  expertise in high end fashion brands and/or retail.

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Image by Markus Spiske

Recently acquired Fintech
now poised for
significant growth

This fast-growing business helps CFOs accurately predict market changes so they can adjust their forecasting appropriately and make better decisions as a result.


Keen to meet members for NED / Board Advisory opportunities who have experience of scaling a SaaS business and/or US market / launch experience. An understanding of Finance and forecasting would be the icing on the cake!

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SaaS Customer Engagement Platform

Their mission is to help service businesses such as law, accountancy, medical and travel companies, improve engagement and response rates with their clients. They do this by making it easy to deploy business messaging services, such as WhatsApp, SMS and webchat, and integrate these with existing systems.


Their platform brings together all channels into a single, centralised team inbox for data compliance, as well as enabling easy collaboration by team members over conversations, resulting in more productive working. 


The platform is built to integrate with accounting, payments, PMS and CRM systems, so businesses can benefit from automated notifications and seamless workflows. 


Upcoming integration of AI assisted agents powered by chatGPT will enable automated customer service for law and accountancy sectors.

The founders would like to connect with members who have expertise within the legal or accounting markets for possible future board advisory / NED opportunities. Would also like to hear from anyone who has successfully grown an early-stage SaaS business.

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Image by Marvin Meyer
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Fintech Platform
Seed Company

Seeking advisory panel members

London-based fintech established to help investors (ranging from professionals to family offices) gain access to best in class private market funds. With a strong understanding of the challenges facing private market investors and the knowledge required to identify the best funds, the business aims to become the go-to-platform for private investors to access the best performing asset classes, starting with venture capital. The business is currently raising a £2m seed round to capitalise on exciting early traction.


The founders seek members to join an experienced advisory panel to provide strategic challenge, advice and introductions to B2B (wealth managers, private banks, charitable trusts, large corporate benefit schemes), B2C (private investor networks, family offices, multi-family offices) and private market funds (venture capital, private equity, real estate, debt) to support growth.

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Retail Tech start up solution

Board Advisor looking to become Non-Executive Director

Digital receipt & data startup with ambitious plans to create a global standard for digital receipts and a leading omnichanel data platform.


London-based and seeking Subject Matter Experts who have significant experience in customer data and payments.

Image by Lukas Blazek
Image by Sebastian Pandelache

Broadcast Media Growth Company

Specialist Radio Station providing a range of solutions to a niche marketplace. Recently expanded following a successful crowdfunding campaign and now reaching a monthly audience of over half a million.


Ambitious plans to expand internationally following the success of the UK model. Looking for a board advisor with NED potential for the future, ideally with a background in broadcast media or with experience developing domestic brands internationally.

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Image by Arno Senoner
Image by Xan Griffin

Growth Company

Non-Executive Director

PetTech SaaS company experiencing positive growth since its inception in 2023. Ambitious plans to continue disrupting the pet space with a marketplace and schedule management system. 


London-based and looking for a part-time Non-Executive Director who has had significant experience growing remote headcount across geographies. 

Merchant Payments Growth company

Board Advisor looking to become Non-Executive Director

Merchant focused business that supports SMEs in ensuring that they have the most suitable and cost-effective commercial arrangements with payment processing firms. Currently raising pre-seed capital and a successful participant in a founder matching investment vehicle.


Looking for a board advisor with NED potential for the future with significant expertise from within payment processing or merchant acquiring to support product development and /or go to market strategy.

Image by Jonas Leupe

Food Manufacturer
Growth Company

Board Advisor looking to become Non-Executive Director

Plant based - snack manufacturer #1 daily bestselling product in category since January 2021. Poised to distribute to 2500 stores through three newly signed clients. Currently fundraising to £3m to fund expansion and growth.


Looking for Board Advisor to become Non-Executive Director with experience of overseas growth (USA) in snack sector or UK based grocery multiple expertise. Support the CEO Founder.

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Image by Rachael Gorjestani
Video games

Educational Gaming Healthtech
Growth Company

Mentor, Subject Matter Expert, Board Advisor

Healthtech that turns children’s games and activities into accurate, evidence-based insights, advice and early detection for parents through digital biomarkers. Strong leadership team, currently raising for an EISA scheme – huge interest from heath care, education, and gaming communities.


Looking for a mentor, subject matter expert, board advisor to help the company navigate within the education and mental health research areas.

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