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“I found the course absolutely invaluable and have recommended it to people who have been in business for many years as the course provides the practical side of being a non-executive director and not only the theoretical learnings."


Yvonne Wakefield, CEO and Founder of Caveat Legal Pty Ltd


in partnership with SIRDAR

An exclusive 11 month programme for those on a Non-Executive Director journey. Hands-on. Practical. Live simulation and class-room learnings. First-of-it’s kind in UK.


Who is it for?

Senior Leaders looking for their first appointment as a Non-Executive Director.

Up and coming Non-Executive Directors.

Business founders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs.

Experienced NED's

Next Gen Non-Executive Directors

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Best part of the training?
Spoiler Alert. 

Live simulation Experience - Participate in a Virtual Boardroom throughout course.

What to expect from the course? 

  • Be recognised as someone who knows what it means to be a high-performance Non-Executive

  • Ensure that you truly add impactful value in the boardroom

  • Add credibility to your NED profile

  • Bridge the gap between being a successful executive and being a successful Non-Executive

  • Challenge your understanding of what being a high-performance director is

  • Understand an effective and integrated high-performance board and governance methodology

  • Recognise personal non-exec strengths and opportunities to develop further

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Top level programme details

  • 4 hours facilitator led sessions per month

  • 11 month programme

  • 8 simulated Board Simulation

  • Experiential, practical learning

  • Opportunity to chair a meeting and take minutes

  • Comprehensive training that includes all styles of learning

  1. Gain practical expertise in applying the methodology with relevance to create value

  2. Experience a high-performance board process and boardroom engagements to be better prepared for the boardroom

  3. Gain working knowledge of the essential tools required for effective board meetings


Cost of the L&D programme

Many of our members have their companies pay us directly and choose our training programmes as their annual L&D programme. 

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